Philippine Fashion Week




H&M x Alexander Wang holds launch party at Philippine Fashion Week

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In 2014, New York-based fashion designer Alexander Wang took part in H&M’s global initiative to work with the world’s notable fashion designers to create one-of-a-kind collections and bring them to the masses. Wang created a collection with his own signature take on the athleisure trend. Bringing a designer twist to everyday clothing, this collection featured items that were fashionable, affordable, and functional, many elements taking inspiration from sportswear with some designs made from materials like neoprene, scuba, dry fit, and reflective fabrics. These were designs that expertly blended fashion with function, and with H&M as its outlet, this collaboration brought out the best in both designer and brand.

With the design collection launching almost simultaneously with the opening of the first H&M branch in the Philippines, a launch party was held at Philippine Fashion Week in 2014. The collection would first be launched in New York and then brought all over the world, including to the Philippines where the excitement about the retail brand coming to the country was palpable. In the buzz of it all, it only seemed fitting to celebrate this collaboration at Philippine Fashion Week, the authority of fashion in the country, allowing the partnership of Wang’s work and the hype around H&M to speak for itself.