Philippine Fashion Week




Katie Ford campaigns for anti-human trafficking

In 2011, Katie Ford campaigned against human trafficking, sparking conversation both in the Philippines and across the globe about the prevalence of slavery in the modern age. Ford - former CEO of Ford Models, one of the top modelling agencies in the world - used her influence in the fashion industry to speak out on the topic on a global scale. In a campaign video screened at Philippine Fashion Week that year alongside Filipina models Charlene “Chat” Almarvez and Charo Ronquillo, Ford spoke up and reached out to the people of the country and the world to address this important social issue. The Philippines is one of the most highly trafficked countries across the globe and that year, Philippine Fashion Week became her platform and was her chance bring her message directly to our shores. The industry legend stated that her passion for this cause is drawn from what she has seen in her long career in the modelling world where young adults are promised job and better lives, but in the case of human trafficking, these people are instead tricked into lives of slavery. To this day, Katie Ford continues to campaign for the rights of these people, looking to bring them out of these terrible situations, and to educate the masses on how to spot human traffickers, protect themselves against human trafficking, and help those affected by these inhuman acts.

Ford partnered with international Filipina models Charo and Chat, both of whom came from their quiet provinces in the Philippines into global fame when they both won the Ford Supermodel of the World Philippines competition in 2005 and 2009 respectively to compete internationally in New York with Charo placing 2nd runner up and Chat placing 1st runner up. Together, they spoke out in their video against human trafficking, calling for change in the country. This partnership brought awareness to an issue prevalent in the Philippines, allowing Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 to be platform for her to speak out and transcend beyond the industry to advocate for the rights of these youths all over the nation and around the globe.