Philippine Fashion Week




Nina Garcia x JAG Origins

During Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013, world-renowned magazine editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia headlined for Jag Origins, a show of collections from prominent Filipino designers with the goal of promoting fashion, marketing, and creativity in the industry and among Filipino art students. With this message, the fashion industry icon was the ideal person to speak for the campaign. Garcia always has an eye out for fresh talent and values what new ideas they can bring to the industry. In an interview, she spoke about the importance of education in fashion and offered advice that only a true industry veteran like her could give. With her international eye for fashion, her presence that year inspired not only budding fashion designers but also moved Philippine Fashion Week as a whole to continue to reach out to global editors like herself and to showcase more full collections from Filipino designers. Being the international fashion icon that she is, Nina Garcia continues to elevate all the different aspects of industry that she takes part of all around the world.

That year, Jag Origins featured the special collections of Filipino designers such as Jerome Salaya, Norman Noriega, and Jeffrey Rogedor, about which Nina had nothing to say but praise. “I was blown away. They were all phenomenal.” This collaboration between Jag and Nina Garcia marks an important moment in the Philippine fashion, highlighting the country’s local talents and moving to inspire a new generation to create a bright future for the industry.