Philippine Fashion Week




Project Runway Philippines at Philippine Fashion Week

With Solar Entertainment finally bringing the popular US fashion designer television show to the shores of the Philippines, it only seemed fitting to hold the finales of Project Runway Philippines at Philippine Fashion Week, the ideal platform to showcase the collections of the best up-and-coming designers of the country to people all over the globe. Even before reaching the runways of fashion week, the show had already collaborated with Imelda Marcos and New York based fashion designer Rafe Totengco as guest judges.

As the site of the seasons 1 and 2 finales, fashion week got an exciting twist in the lineup of events for those years. The Project Runway shows allowed not only these designers but also the whole of the fashion industry in the country to reach a wider audience, showcasing the talent that the Philippines has to offer. Season 1 featured its Top 3 designers, Aries Lagat, Philipp Tampus, and Veejay Floresca, and season 2 showcased the works of its 3 finalists, Manny Marquez, Russell Villafuerte, and Santi Obcena. Lagat and Marquez took the crown in their respective seasons. Bringing the show to the forefront of the country’s Olympics of Fashion was fitting and was able to present to the world what the Philippine fashion industry has to offer.