Philippine Fashion Week




International British Supermodel David Gandy walks for SM

World-famous British male supermodel David Gandy signed on as a brand ambassador for SM Men’s Fashion and walked the runway of Philippine Fashion Week in October 2013. Standing alongside other popular models in the local Filipino scene such as Hideo Muraoka, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide, and Rafael do Prado, Gandy became the new face of the Filipino retail brand and brought the collection into the international spotlight.

At a time when men’s fashion was on the rise all around the world, this was a great step forward for SM, one of the largest brand names in Philippine commercial fashion. With a James Bond-inspired theme to the event, this was a fitting entrance for the British supermodel who, in his own right, exudes an aura worthy of the title 007. All these elements put together created a stand out show for the brand. Being represented by the international icon not only brought global recognition to SM but also highlighted what they had to offer the way that only someone the likes of David Gandy could do – showcasing and elevating the fashion brand at the same time.