Philippine Fashion Week




NYC-Based Designer Paolo Raymundo Collaborates With Philippine Fashion Week

In May 2018, global Filipino designer, Paolo Raymundo, showcased his work at Philippine Fashion Week. The New York-based artist has been carving his place in the creative industry for years, establishing a design career in the US, most notably working with the high-end streetwear brands Telfar and Hood By Air, on which his company was a consultant, pattern maker, and sample maker from the brand's early years to its international success.

Raymundo has also used his skills as a designer to work beyond the world of fashion. With his sister Rina, the duo started their own creatives company: Paradox Vested Relics. The company evokes their spirit and focuses not only on fashion but also expands into video production, with the idea of creative collaboration, sustainability and humanitarianism communicated through artistry and media.

This marks the first time Paolo Raymundo has collaborated with Philippine Fashion Week. According to him, one of the key aspects of his designs in this collection is that they "reflect the gender fluidity of today’s younger culture. When everyone is already borrowing each other's vibes, we have to skip over binary roles to evolve. PVR has always loved bridging 2 extremes but are past the point of androgyny and blurring cultural diaspora. Now, it's about identifying specific points along a spectrum, defining them in contrast to each other, and seeing how they play."

With these pieces, Raymundo is taking part in the historic launch of the fashion platform’s upcoming online store, along with several other Filipino designers. This is a move by Philippine Fashion Week that pioneers a global high-end online fashion shopping experience. In collaboration with Fashion Week, Raymundo showcases his creativity and unique perspective in this collection, sharing his vision and making it more accessible through this new platform.