Philippine Fashion Week




Mele + Marie's Philippine Fashion Week Debut

At Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018, the budding luxury fashion brand Mele + Marie made its way onto the platform’s runways for the first time, showcasing an opulent line of handcrafted bags and jewelry with their latest designs.

Mele + Marie is a luxury handcrafted accessories brand founded by Melecio and Rosemarie Oamil in 2012.  Staying true to their roots, the Oamils decided to launch their products from the shores of their home country – and in Philippine Fashion Week, they found a platform from which to raise Mele + Marie to the international stage.

In a display of Filipino talent and skill, the brand’s products are all meticulously crafted by artisans in the Philippines. Mele + Marie's collections are now available for purchase online through their website and can be shipped worldwide.


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